The Story Behind Our Brand

Tucked away in a small and quaint corner of Tai Hang is one of Hong Kong’s most enchanting hidden gems – Little Tai Hang. The perfect antidote to bland corporate hotels and soulless shopping-mall environments, our dining and hospitality destination offers an ideal alternative to the hustle of traditional big city living. With sweeping views of Victoria Park, beguiling alfresco eateries, and lovingly curated living spaces, we are breathing new life into the characteristics that make Tai Hang what it is – a fascinating motley of local culture, quaint and charming street life, small and pristine pockets of nature, and a neighborhood full of enchanted stories.


Little Tai Hang Hotel Serviced apartment was designed and built by Cornes Properties Design Team, and originated from a deep love of the neighborhood and a strong desire to build something special in the city of Hong Kong. With the goal to avoid the flashy and glitzy urban hotels and build more harmoniously on the preexisting charm of Tai hang, we paid loving attention to every detail and step our long journey. Everything from the name of our brand, the story behind it, to the eclectic mix of designs we employ, was carefully tailored towards both the neighborhood, the guests, and the values that we live by. Our service is all about real personality, our partnering eateries are uniquely selected, and our rooms filled with bespoke, characterful and artisanal touches.


Skip the touts, traps and big lights, and immerse yourself in the daily street life of our neighborhood. Meander through the lanes where neighborhood shops and quirky cafes sit side by side, rub shoulders with fascinating local characters, enjoy the nature of nearby parks and discover the inside stories of what makes this community really tick. Stay with us and feel the welcoming vibe of a real home, and experience what the truly local and authentic culture of Hong Kong has to offer. Welcome to one of Hong Kong’s newest and locally crafted boutique brands – Little Tai Hang.


An Introduction To Our Neighborhood

Hong Kong has both a long and dynamic history of colonial trading, manufacturing, and real estate empires that rapidly fueled the city’s growth and transformation as the mercantile gateway to China. Although much of the historic fabric and even the outline of the shoreline has been erased, much of the traces of what came before are still visible in Tai Hang to the more discerning eye.

The neighborhood of Tai Hang also has its own story, and the community that exists today is built upon its historic backbone.  The road just in front of Little Tai Hang (Tung Lo Wan Road) follows the exact outline of Hong Kong’s original shoreline and


acted as the causeway for what used to be a naturally sheltered bay in the Harbor. You’ll notice that it follows a distinct curvature of a typical crescent shaped beach. “Wun Sha” street (which means to “wash”, presumably where the daily washing used to take place) follows almost the exact outline of the main stream that ran through the original fishing village and out to the ocean. Following the lowest contour of the valleys topography, it now serves as the anchoring street to the neighborhood of “Tai Hang” (“Large waterway” in Chinese).

Lin Fa Kung Temple was built directly upon one of the largest boulders near the stream, and you can go inside can still see it protruding through the floor of the temple.


Chinese Recreation Club (opposite our Hotel) occupies the exact plot of one of Hong Kong’s earliest extensions to the shoreline, once home to Queen Victoria’s Recreation Grounds. And beyond that, Victoria park exists on what used to be the original Causeway Bay Typhoon shelter. These are all just a few of the many traces in Hong Kong that has served as the underlying framework upon which this vibrant and dynamic city has grown. See above and cycle through a few of the many key historical maps of Hong Kong Island and Causeway Bay, or alternatively we urge you to wander through the local streets and see if you can identify these traces for yourself.

Finally, An Introduction To Our Four Little Friends.

Our story and brand revolves around four highly unique and eccentric characters – Tiger, Toad, Duck, and Monkey, and each with a strong and peculiar passion that ties them to the charming neighbourhood of Tai Hang.

Their goals and aspirations couldn’t be further apart, yet somehow their lives happen to overlap in a myriad of delightful stories and humorous encounters that bring to light the many magical faces of the neighbourhood. Toad is a fashionista and highly competitive sportsman, Duck is a master chef of local cuisine, Monkey is a traditional dragon dancer and a mischievous prankster, and Tiger is an aspiring architect.

To each of them, Tai Hang represents a special place where they can follow their passions – from the athletic grounds in Victoria park to the street-side eateries in Tai Hang. Our central logo depicts these four characters furiously attempting to ride a multi-seated bicycle, but just like so many other things in life, everybody wants to go in a different direction, yet nobody can go anywhere without working in unison. During the amusing struggle that ensues, they become the best of friends and experience the most unforgettable journeys.

As you discover this story we hope that you can relive the nostalgic memories of similar adventures in your own childhood, and remember the importance of adventure, creativity, and friendship in connecting us to a sense of place and a feeling of home. Stay with us and follow in their footsteps, experience your own encounters, and revel in your own adventures. We at Little Tai Hang believe wholeheartedly in the popular saying that life is really about the journey and not about the destination, and at we invite you to experience it to its fullest.